Analog 2 Way Portable Radios

Hytera offers a wide variety of analog 2 way portable units ranging from the very basic, value oriented solutions, up to military grade, intrinsically safe radios dense with extraordinary features.

Business Analog Portable Radio

Hytera TC-320

Hytera TC 320 Analog Portable Radio

Unique for its compact and professional design, as well as its superb sound quality. Its strong casing preventsdamage against drops of up to 5ft. This radio enables businesses to enjoy dependable communications at an extremely low cost.

Hytera TC-500

Hytera Analog Portable Radio

Aimed at increasing efficiency and enhancing customer service, the HYT TC-500 series help operations run smoother with instant, quality communications. That means a more efficient crew with projects done right the first time. The palm size and lightweight TC-500 portable radio will deliver you solid two-way performance at a very competitive rate.









Commercial Analog Portable Radio

Hytera TC-508

Analog TC-508 Analog Portable Radio

High quality design, light weight and powerful, the TC-508 is one of our most popular analog portable solutions. Priority scan permits the scanning of identified channels while monitoring more often your most important channel.








Hytera TC -518

Hytera TC-518 Analog Portable Radio

TC-518 highlights small size, wide band coverage. stable output power and clear audio quality, which perfectly meets the most practical needs required by commercial application. Besides, the structure design with channel selector, Power Switch, PTT Button and Volume knob creatively located, provides a convenient and flexible using experience to the customers







Professional analog handheld radio

Hytera TC-610

Hytera TC 610 Portable Analog Radio

Ideal for outdoor use because of its water & dust protection, IP66 rating makes it extremely useful for jobs that may encounter wet & dirty environments and allows for the radio to be washed after use in a dirty / dusty environment. The unique easy-grip design helps prevent dropping, the patented battery latch design keeps the battery from separating from the radio if dropping does occur.







Hytera TC-610P

Ideal for firefighters, EMS and other emergency rescue industries looking for an affordable and reliable radio with a compact and durable design. The IP66 rating makes it extremely useful for jobs that may encounter wet & dirty environments and allows for the radio to be washed after use in a dirty / dusty environment. The 2000mAh batterygives you approximately 14 hours of battery life.

Hytera TC-700


Hytera TC-700 Analog Portable Radio

The TC700 voice compander audio enhancement and a powerful 1W speaker ensure superb clear, crisp sound, even in noisy environments. Its sleek, ergonomic design makes it easy to hold. The ruggedness and durability makes it one of the most dependable radios on the market. While its affordable pricing make it an attractive option for anyorganization looking for a cost-effective wireless communication solutions.







Hytera TC-700EX

The TC700 Ex is designed for the potentially explosive environments of oil and gas installations, such as tankers or drilling platforms, or in gas-laden atmospheres encountered by the emergency services and must be designed and constructed to be totally safe. Hytera’s FM-Approved Intrinsically Safe TC700 Ex model gives users the communications they need without compromising safety.

Hytera TC-780

Hytera TC-780 Analog Radio
The TC780 is a mid-to-high tier portable radio developed with state-of-the-art analog technology providing a variety of functions. With an Alpha Numeric LCD display and full keypad the radio satis es the demanding dispatch needs and delivers powerful functions with stable performance and high price-to-performance ratio.