In an ongoing effort to help our clients with their communications needs, Event Tone Wireless has created our “Equipment Video Tutorials” page.  This page will offer short instructional videos designed to assist our clients in understanding the technology they have rented or acquired from Event Tone.

This will be an ongoing process, with new videos being added or updated on a regular basis.  Please feel free to review any or all of the videos.  If there is a video you don’t see you’d like us to produce, just let us know and we’ll consider it immediately.

If, after watching a video, you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to call our offices and speak to one of our representatives.  We’d love to help!


How to Use A Motorola CP200 Analog Radio

How to Use Hytera PD562 Digital DMR Two Way Radios


How to Use Sprint Kyocera Direct Connect Phones



How to Set Up An Analog Repeater Remotely For An Event

How to Make Sure You Are Getting Maximum Charging From  A Multi Charger For the Motorola CP200

How to Use the Nextel GPS Tracking System

Two Way Cellular Demonstration Offered By Our Sister Company Fleet Cellular

Accessing Nextel i682 and i450 Programming and User ID information

Introduction to the Hytera TC 508 Analog Two Way Radio


How To Install A New SIM Card in Your Smart Phone

Introduction to the Nextel T320 Hybrid Two Way Radio/Smartphone

The Nextel Judge V5 Cellular Network Body Camera