GPS Vehicle Tracking By LinxUp in The Boston Metro Area

GPS Asset & Vehicle Tracking Equipment in the Boston Metro Area – Know Where Everything Is At All Times!!

EventTone Wireless is proud to offer the finest, simplest and most cost effective GPS Asset and Vehicle Tracking System available anywhere.  The LinxUp GPS Asset Tracking System offers the finest and most technically advanced satellite tracking with features that make it simple and easy to use.  With EventTone’s LinxUp GPS Asset Tracking System you can enjoy

Real-Time GPS Tracking

EventTone’s Linxup GPS tracker allows you to quickly and easily locate any vehicle or asset while it’s on the road. Our gps tracking system gives you:3d_phone

  • Once-a-minute location updates when the vehicle is moving, and once-an-hour updates when the vehicle is off
  • An intuitive Google Maps interface that distinguishes between vehicles and assets
  • Fleet updates on movement as it happens along with current traffic conditions
  • The ability to save frequently used map views
  • An immediate bird’s-eye-view of all vehicle locations and details

Valuable Insights at a Glance

Our real-time GPS vehicle tracking software allows you to monitor your fleet’s performance using your PC or your smartphone. At a glance, you can quickly identify:

  • The direction and speed the vehicle is traveling
  • The time since the last GPS report
  • The current address of a vehicle or asset
  • The nearest driver to any location

View and Playback Vehicle History

The EventTone Linxup GPS system allows you to look back at a vehicle’s location and driver performance over time. For each real-time GPS tracker, you can use the map Boston's Old North Churchinterface to:

  • Review a vehicle’s history through an animated, interactive route replay that breaks each day down into detailed trip segments
  • Click and review visual indicators that show stops, alerts for unsafe activity and other key driving events
  • View street-level details to drill down for greater insight

Flexible Fleet, Driver,

and User Management

The needs of businesses differ. That’s why we’ve designed Linxup to allow you to match the needs of your business. The system includes:

  • Flexible user accounts to support the level of access appropriate for each user (only let users see the vehicle information you choose)
  • Custom groups that allow you to organize vehicles to best match how your business is organized
  • System thresholds for things such as speeding and idling that you control

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

EventTone’s Linxup gives you native applications for iOS and Android that let you monitor the location of your vehicles from anywhere.

  • View the location of any vehicle
  • See the speed and direction the vehicle is traveling
  • Review the route history
  • Review unsafe driving alerts, and more
EventTone’s LinxUp GPS Tracking System is the ultimate user friendly device with an extraordinary list of features and, best of all, its truly easy and quick to install: