Two Way Radio FAQ
motorola_cp200Q: I’m not sure what I need.  I’m not an expert.  Can someone help me put it together?A: At EventTone we’ve been putting together communications solutions for years.  Speak with one of our representatives, tell them what you’re trying to accomplish and they will help you develop the correct plan for your needs.

Q. If I need to place an order after hours what can I do?
A. Our office voice mail lists a 24 hour number to call, however, you can also place an order from our website by clicking on the “Contact Us” page.  Just tell us what you need and we’ll send a quote by the next morning.  You can also place your order right there by confirming it in the “Additional Information” field.

Q. Once I place my order, what happens next?

A. If you place your order online, one of our rental service representatives will contact you to review your order. The dates, quantity and location will confirmed to ensure accuracy and arrangements would be made take care of your deposit.

Q. What number should I call if I have a question or problem with my order?

A. 855-396-5450

Q. In addition to Renting Radios I would like to have some one on site to help with distribution and inventory management. Do you offer such a service?

A. Yes we do. Depending on your dates and market we can offer you a very competitive rate for staffing.

Q. What is the talk range of the radio signals?

A. 2-way radio coverage range is approximately 1-mile outdoors. Indoor coverage varies based on construction of the building where the equipment is being used. Large Convention Centers are normally covered within a given Hall. In hotel applications, at least multiple floors are covered.

If you have specific coverage questions please call 855-396-5450. We have a database consisting of past rentals, which can help you to choose the right equipment for your work area.

Q. How many channels do your radios have?

A. EventTone owns several different models of radios but the vast majority of radios offer 16 channels.  We do have analog radios with as few as 4 and as many as 64 channels and digital radios offer a greater variety of channels.

Q. Do you rent Intrinsically Safe Radios?

A. Yes. We have an inventory of radios that are intrinsically safe.

Q. What kind of accessories do you offer with your radios?

A. For 2-way radios we offer Audio Accessories including: Speaker Microphones, Light Headsets, Double Headsets and surveillance microphones and “D” ring ear piece headsets with inline microphones.

Q. How long do batteries last?

A. On average Motorola radio batteries last about 8 hours.

Q. How many batteries do I get with an order?

A. We normally provide a ratio of 1/3 batteries to radios. Our radios are delivered fully charged, so, for 1 day events, the need for extra batteries is limited.  However, for longer rentals, we offer a radio of 50%.

Q. Do I need a FCC license to rent from you?

A. No. We have National FCC Frequencies that are programmed into your radios. Additionally we can program/match radios to your frequencies should you request that option.

Q. What radio brands do you have?

A. Motorola.

Q. What is a Repeater?

A. A repeater is installed in a fixed location with the intent of coverage enhancement. Multi-story buildings are covered more thoroughly and dead spots are removed. The building’s construction, number of floors and the presence of steel and concrete determine range