The Benefits of Long Term Two Way Radio Rentals

Two Way Radios in 6 Port Multi Charger
The Benefits of Long Term Rentals 

Many companies have an ongoing need for quality, industrial grade 2 way radios. Two way Radios can be an indispensable tool, helping your company do its job more profitably and efficiently. Unfortunately, purchasing high quality radio equipment may not always be the best option for your business. Buying involves large capital expenditures, daily maintenance, upkeep and ongoing needs for expensive replacement parts such as batteries, antennas, and accessories. Also, if you need your radios reprogrammed, fees could exceed $200 per hour. Finally, a specific capital expenditure only has a limited deductibility. After a short time the cost will no longer be a tax benefit. 


For many companies, renting two-way radios could be the way to go. Our radio rentals will provide all the features your company needs at pricing that is much easier on your budget. We offer monthly rates that are easy on your budget and can include ongoing repair, replacement for damaged parts, annual upgrading of equipment as necessary and all your reprogramming needs free of charge.

When you work with EventTone Wireless for your radio rental, not only will you get the best rental pricing on quality Motorola equipment, you also get a dedicated account manager so you always have one point of contact for everything. In addition to these benefits, we also offer first class technical support to make sure you get the most out of your rental!

Benefits of Long Term Rental

The benefits to a long-term radio rental for your business are numerous. Along with the obvious enhancement to your communications needs, renting your equipment offers several smart features including:

  • Easy To Afford Monthly & Yearly Rates
  • No Large Capital Outlay
  • Ongoing Equipment Maintenance
  • Replacement of Damaged or Broken Parts
  • Easy Upgrading of Outdated Equipment
  • Free Programming
  • Continued Tax Deductibility
  • Full Time Customer Support
  • Free Loaners…No Down Time
  • No Hassles

Applications for Long Term Rentals

  • Music & Theatre Tours
  • Sporting Events Tours
  • Hospitals & Nursing Facilities
  • Petro Chemical Security & Turnarounds
  • Security
  • Retail
  • Trade Show Organizers
  • Event Planners
  • Facility Managers
  • Maintenance

Would you like to know how a long term radio rental can help your business? Let one of our communication consultants show you how EventTone Wireless can help your company.

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