Two Way Radios & “Walkie Talkies” for Sporting Events & Marathons

Two Way Radios for Sporting Events & Marathons

Sporting events and marathons have their own set of challenges when it comes to communications. Unlike many other types of events, sports require many divergent departments keep in constant contact. With most large events you will need departments ranging from production to security, from medical to management and everything in between, able to reach each other instantly. Add to that the concerns of federal departments such as Homeland Security and your communications plan is of paramount importance.


FootballTwo-way radios offer effective, easy and powerful communications in an instant and work perfectly in these venues. The biggest problem, of course, is cost. Your communications needs are only temporary so spending thousands of dollars for your equipment so it can be put in storage immediately after the event is over is wasteful.

Renting two way radios or direct connect, push to talk mobile phones is the solution. Unfortunately, laying out a communications grid so it is most effective requires experience that is hard to find.

The staff at EventTone has been working in this space for years and has lent their expertise to some of the largest sporting events and one-day marathon and race competitions in the world.   We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to make sure everyone communicates and everything is flawless.

EventTone Offers Many Ways To Help

We offer the kind of customer support missing in the wireless rental industry today. We offer on site techs on your rental to make sure the equipment you rent is operating properly, distributed efficiently and has the expertise available to keep everything up and running.

With EventTone equipment you get:

  • State Of The Art Equipment
  • Small To Large Area Coverage OptionsRunners
  • Multiple Channel/Frequency Options
  • Programming To Match Frequencies With Client Owned Equipment
  • Local Or Coast To Coast Capability To Fit Your Needs
  • Temporary Repeater Installation
  • Digital Bridge Integration
  • No Large Capital Expenditure
  • Complete Customer Support
  • No Hassles

Call our offices today @ 855-396-5450 and speak to one of our representatives. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions. If you’d like to check us out online or request a quote, visit us today @