Walkie Talkies & Two Way Radio Rentals in the New York & New Jersey Metro Area

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Walkie Talkies & Two Way Radio Rentals in the New York & New Jersey Metro Area

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skyline_prevview1As Sinatra and JayZ said, New York is the city that never sleeps, so you better get an Ambien! A center of commerce and events, the New York Metro Area presents unique challenges for wireless communications. The area is known for towering buildings of signal-eating concrete and steel, large crowds, as well as extraordinary security concerns New York and the surrounding area requires the kind of equipment and expertise EventTone Wireless is known for.

We deliver clear, dependable wireless communications solutions for any business, entertainment, sporting or national event. EventTone Wireless provides the New York area with two-way radio sales, rentals, and services with onsite support and fast turnaround. Plus, we offer a full range of security and surveillance system solutions.

The EventTone Wireless Difference

Our New York Metro team offers everything you need to handle short-term and long-term wireless communications requirements:

  • Qualified and experienced sales staff
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, full-service rental department
  • 24-hour, on-call repair team
  • Consulting, training, and installation services to keep equipment operating at 100% efficiency
  • Mobile pick-up and delivery services to fit your busy schedule
  • On-site event and technical team to ensure your production is flawless
  • The finest in wireless digital and analog, value oriented solutions.

EventTone Wireless is a Name You Can Trust

We serve the entire region in and around New York City, the five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester, UnknownCentral and Northern Jersey, and beyond. Give us a call at 855-396-5450 and ask to speak with the local, New York Metro Area, representative.

Proven Event Specialists

With long-standing expertise in equipment rentals and service, for many years EventTone Wireless has been providing two-way radios to premier organizations that manage and participate in some of the region’s highest-profile events, including:

  • The Republican National Debates
  • Food Network Share Our Strength Events
  • Various film and television large productions
  • Heritage of Pride Parade
  • Sundance Film Festival
  • Victoria Secret Events
  • Hamptons International Film Festival
  • …And many others

LibertyScienceCenterOne of our specialties in radio rentals for the Movie, Film, TV and Music Industries.  Find out more about how EventTone Wireless can help you with your production by clicking here.

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Our New York Metro team of dedicated sales, service, and rental professionals are anxious to speak with any organization that needs help communicating. So we can provide you with the best wireless communications solutions to fit your needs, contact us today at 855-396-5450 and ask to speak to a representative.

We really appreciate your business and will work hard to make sure you and your company get the help and quality equipment you deserve.

If you’d like a quote, simply email us @ quoterequest@eventtone.com.  In your email, please include:

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  • The Address Of Your Organization

  • Your Email

  • Your Phone Number

  • The Equipment You Require

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  • The Dates You Need It

  • Where You Would Like The Equipment Delivered?

  • Any Other Information You Think We Should Know?

  • We understand every one of our clients has a budget they need to work with.  Would you mind sharing your organization’s wireless rental budget with us?  We will work hard to meet your needs.

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We are committed to responding to your needs quickly.  Once we receive the request, we will be in contact with you within 15-30 minutes.

We’re here to help New York & New Jersey stay connected!