Hytera Smart Dispatch



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Professional DMR dispatching system for your DMR radio solution

Developed in accordance with the digital ETSI radio standard DMR, Hytera Smart Dispatch is designed for an efficient communication and support tool that allows for efficient managing and directing of all your DMR system radio subscribers.  With its client-server architecture, its modular design and its Voice-over-IP support (VoIP), Hytera Smart Dispatch offers you the latest dispatching features in one software solution.


Flexible System Deployment
Hytera Dispatch System is not a single module, but a group of components that are able to build up a system with different size and topology based on customer system and coverage requirements.
Multiple Mapping Engine
Users have options to choose their own preferable mapping engines based on their specific usage requirements.  These mapping engines are, but not limited to, Google Maps, MapInfo, google Offline Map, OpenStreetMap etc.
Various Access Privileges
Multiple levels of access privileges can be defined by users for access control.  Based on each customer’s needs, each access level can be assigned only to selected radio units or the entire fleets.
Multiple and Separate Screen Support
The Hytera Dispatch System dispatcher console supports multiple views and splitting to multiple displays so that all information can be captured at a glance.  This feature helps dispatcher users avoid switching between different views during operations.