Ritron JobCom Wireless Intercoms

Wireless Base Station
The JobCom Display Series Wireless Intercom/Base Station is a cost-effective way to keep employees in a fixed indoor location communicating and it replaces the need for multiple portable radios. Typically employees that work in a defined area, such as the machine shop, the reception lobby or customer service area, do not require their own portable radio, but they do need access to a radio.

The JobCom Base Station doesn’t get borrowed, dropped or stolen because it can be permanently mounted to a desk or wall. It does not require batteries since it operates on 110 VAC (or 12 VDC with optional adapter). JobCom Base Station

And when you eliminate the headaches of replacing lost or damaged portable radios, you increase employee productivity and eliminate replacement costs.

EventTone offers a full line of UHF and VHF JobCom models to fit a variety of needs ranging from retail to warehouse management to a production facility.  Call us today at 855-396-5450 and let us help you find the right solution for you and your company.