Two Way Radios,”Walkie Talkies,” & GPS Tracking Systems for Austin, Texas and the Surrounding Area.

Two Way Radio, “Walkie Talkie,” Rentals for Austin, Texas and the Surrounding Area.

Sales and Service of All The Top Manufacturers of Wireless Equipment!

Doing business in “The Live Music Capital of the World,” means you have to be on the top of your game. EventTone Wireless offers Austin and it’s Metro Areas numerous options for wireless communications technology. Whether you need to purchase top quality, professional equipment, Rent 2 way radios for your company, or are in desperate need of a qualified repair technician, EventTone Wireless can help.

Communication is critical to any business success, but there are also security concerns, and EventTone

Wireless can also supply wireless security systems for commercial properties, as well as an entire city!

Our consulting services can help add support staff for events, or if you need additional business services, EventTone Wireless’ Austin representatives are here to serve.

“EventTone’s staff was really wonderful. We needed the equipment a few days earlier than our contract stated.  They dropped off when we needed at no extra charge.  It has been a refreshing to see a company that dedicated to it’s customers, and we appreciate all EventTone has done. —“

                                                                                 Mia B. – Lead Dog Marketing Group

EventTone Wireless serves customers in all industries all around Austin and the Surrounding Areas. Our experience will help you make the right choice when deciding on whether to buy or rent your wireless communications equipment. Our vast experience provides extra support for needs that are greater than just the Austin area. Let us show you how we can help.

Contact us today at 855-396-5450, to find out how EventTone Wireless can partner with you to deliver the best wireless communications options for your organization.

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