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Thanks so much for your interest in EventTone Wireless.  In an effort to offer our clients all the information they need we have created this new resource materials page with downloadable documents, instructional articles, brochures and much more.  We will be adding new material on a regular basis so please check back often.  We will be working hard to offer comprehensive and diverse information about our services and all the different solutions available to help make your business more successful.

EventTone Products & Services

EventTone At A Glance
Equipment & Services
EventTone Rental Equipment Guide
EventTone Rental & Service

Music & Theater Touring Solutions
Two Way Radio & Walkie Talkies for Retail
The Benefits of 2 Way Radios in Construction Safety
2 Way Radios For Events & Venues
Restaurant & Catering Solutioins
Sporting Events & Marathons
Service & Repair Information Sheet
EventTone Audio Video Rental Pricing Sheet
Two Way Radio Solutions for Conventions & Tradeshows
2 Way Radios for Facilities & Manufacturing

Fleet Cellular Terms & Conditions
Fleet Cellular Terms & Conditions

Tower & Repeater Network & Coverage Maps

Tower Service Piece
City & Statewide Repeater Networks
NYC Coverage Map
NJ Coverage Map
Full Coverage Map

EventTone White Papers

Privacy Statement
The Benefits of Long Term Rentals
2 Way Radios Vs Cellular
Commercial 2 Way Radios Vs Consumer Walkie Talkies
Analog Or DIgital
FCC Narrowbanding Mandate
Why Rent?

Info Sheets &  User Guides for Equipment Rented by EventTone

PD562 User Guide
Hytera PD702 User Guide
CP200 Overview

Motorola CP200 User Guide
Motorola CP200 Data Sheet
Motorola Repeater GR1225
Motorola XPR7550 Mototurbo
Sprint Duracore Direct Connect User Guide
MotoTurbo XPR6550 Portable 2 Way Radio
HYT PD782 Spec Sheet
MotoTurbo XPR8400 Repeater
Glossary Of 2 Way Radio Terms
Inventory Report