Two Way Radios & “Walkie Talkies” for Refinery Turnarounds

Two Way Radios for Petrochemical Plants and Refinery “Turnarounds.”

In all workplaces safety is of paramount concern to both the employer and employees. A refinery can be a very dangerous place. We are all used to seeing refinery workers in their yellow hardhats and high visibility vests, but there are of course many more safety procedures that must be followed.

One of the best tools for avoiding hazards and injury is excellent communication. Ensuring that everyone on site is aware of what is going on.

Though cell pOil_refinery_canadahones are ubiquitous, they are not the right solution for a noisy construction site. In an emergency situation, they are slow and don’t let you connect to and entire crew at once.  A 2 way radio is the best solution. Along with being an instant way to reach emergency help when needed, they are easy to use whilst driving and perfectly within the law. Using them will ensure that even drivers within the workforce can be easily contacted and informed of any danger.

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