On Site Consulting

At Eventtone we understand how confusing event communications can be.  Do you need to construct a communications plan connecting your parking staff with security and your catering with your operations?  Do you need private channels for your executives and an all call channel for emergencies?  Are you trying to cover a large area and have no idea whether it will work?  Are you not even sure what you need or how to proceed?

Eventtone can help.

The staff from Eventtone has years of experience providing solutions for small and large event organizers all over the US. We have designed, produced and executed communications plans for some the largest one day and multiple day marque events in the world along with hundreds of others.  Event producers trust us because we understand the event business and have the experience to help you design every step of your communications plan.  Whether you need our expertise during the planning stages, complete onsite staffing and operations during the event, equipment procurement, design of communications code plugs, interference 
control, or communications mapping and programming we can help.

Just ask!