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Media Spotlight

We provide wireless communications solutions to some of the most largest and most exciting marquee events across the USA.

Our media page spotlights some of those events and we’ll be adding videos regularly.  We hope you’ll find these videos enjoyable.

Republic National Debates

GLAAD Media Awards 2015 – Beverly Hills, CA.

The Garden State Film Festival

Victoria Secret Swim Special

EventTone is proud to say we are working with the British production company “Done + Dusted.”  “Done + Dusted” produce the hugely successful “Victoria Secret Fashion Show” TV specials each year and they are now producing a new special coming in February 2015.  Shot on location on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico, our staff was onsite and worked closely to assure the hundreds of production members communicate effectively and that the production went smoothly.

Sundance Film Festival 2015

The Trenton Half Marathon 2014

Hamptons Film Festival

Alzheimer’s Walk NYC 2014

Fashion Week NYC

Harley Rendezvous 2014

Nantucket Film Festival 2014

Heritage of Pride Parade 2014

Runners World Runningskirts Half Marathon 2014

New Alternatives For Children

Liberty Humane Society

Liberty Humane Society is not one of our better known, marquee events, but we at
EventTone are big supporters.  If you would like to help or donate, you can call them
at 201-547-4147 or check them out on line at

Transportation Alternatives

Bane Haunted House

Warren County Farmers Fair

Rock, Ribs & Ridge Festival 2014

EventTone has enjoyed a great relationship with some of finest
companies in America and throughout the world.


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