Sprint Kyocera Direct Connect Phones

Sprint Push To Talk Phone



Do your communications needs span a distance larger than usual.  Most two way radios only cover about 3/4 – 1 mile in radius based on the terrain.  What do you do if your need is larger than that?  EventTone Wireless offers a complete line of Sprint Kyocera Direct Connect phones.

With Sprint Direct Connect phones you enjoy the vast coverage that comes with the Sprint wireless network.  The direct connect feature offers instant connection and personal, private conversation.

The Sprint Kyocera DuraCore is a hardy push-to-talk smartphone that meets military standards for withstanding shock, dust, and extreme temperatures. The flip-open design has helpful outer buttons, allowing users to activate the speakerphone or view data about missed calls without ever opening this Kyocera smartphone. The internal 2-inch screen pairs readily with an informative monochrome external screen, too.

With just a quick glance at their 5.1 oz Kyocera smartphone, users can monitor incoming calls, remaining battery life, and the current time. Additionally, the Kyocera DuraCore is a Bluetooth-enabled device that quickly accommodates barcode scanners and other accessories. Clearly labeled buttons on this push-to-talk smartphone let users quickly locate the desired functions, while the durable Li-ion battery offers up to 5.1 hours of talktime per charge. 256 MB of memory on the Kyocera DuraCore gives plentiful space for pertinent data. The rugged body of this smartphone makes it ideal for outdoor environments, while the range of features make it a smart choice for anyone who needs to stay connected on the go.