Analog or Digital…The Next Big Question

Where To Go From Here?

Analog or Digital?

Over the past few years, 2 way radio technology has been migrating from, the long time standard of analog radios, to the new technology of digital. Though the technology in digital is superior to analog in many ways, we at EventTone Wireless have not yet jumped on the digital bandwagon. We are not in the analog or digital business. We are in the solutions business. We offer a full array of digital “Mototurbo” portable, 2 way radio equipment, but, the simple truth is, for the vast majority of our clients digital offers many challenges that make it confusing and expensive. In this offering we will try to clear the fog and give you a better idea of the differences between to two systems and which is better for your needs.

Digital Technology

Digital technology offers several advantages to the established analog technology. Many of the digital radios debuting can best be described as a hybrid of a 2 way radio and a cell phone. The signal is digital, meaning it is usually cleaner and can reduce background noise. The transmission is binary, meaning, like a computer, it is in “1’s” and “0’s.” Unlike an analog signal, it can offer more talk paths. Where an analog signal can get more static as you reach the outside edges of coverage, a digital signal will stay clear then just drop out when it reaches its boundary.

There are features such as texting, and unit ID are also available which is helpful with large staff requirements

A digital system can also be programmed to work with a city wide bridging system for wide area coverage that would be difficult with analog technology.

However, there are challenges with digital. First, it is much more expensive, and the technology does require experience the casual user may not have or may not have the time to learn. Also in situations where there may be interference, instead a static signal, as with analog, there is no signal at all.

Analog Technology

If your communications needs do not require city-wide coverage or your staffing is under 75-100 people, then analog is still the best solution for your communications challenges. The technology has been the standard for decades. Most users are familiar with their operation and the coverage, and it is a fast, efficient and cost effective way to communicate.

Also, analog offers many enhanced features. The standard analog coverage is approximately a 1 mile circumference (based on the environment), but it is easy to boost that signal with an analog repeater. It is a simple, inexpensive add on that can help you double your coverage.

Also, due to its lengthy tenure, engineers have developed many tools and devices to improve functionality. If there is something you need your radio to do, it’s safe to assume there is a solution to be found.


At EventTone, we’ve always believed that the right communication is the one that works for your. Our consultants will review your needs with you to determine the right choice for you and your company. We do not have an agenda. We are trying to offer our clients the best solution.

Digital is a great new technology, but it may be too much for you. We are fond of saying it may be like buying a Ferrari because you need to go to the grocery store for a quart of milk. It’ll certainly get you there, but it’s much more than you may need or want to pay for.

Give us a call @ 855-396-5450 and speak with one of our representatives. They are here to help and make sure you make the right choice for your wireless communications needs.