6 Things You Should Never Do with Your “Walkie Talkie” or Two-Way Radio In Florida

If you’re a portable two-way radio user in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Miami or anywhere in the state of Florida, you probably use the technology a lot. Whether you carry it on your person or close to you throughout the work day, there are obvious things that you shouldn’t be doing as it can put a strain on your two-way radio.

Inevitably, your radio is going to be put through the bumps and expectations that your team is on a daily basis. They will be dropped. They will endure abuse from time to time. But there are some don’t do’s that can help your two-way radio last longer:

Try Not To Let It Get Overheated

Cities like Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami are known for their heat and humidity.  If you leave a cell phone in direct sunlight it will shut down.  Though two-way radios are much more durable than your average cell phone, they can still be susceptible to extreme heat.  They may not shut off as a cell phone will, but that kind of heat and humidity will shorten the life of your radio.

Don’t Carry It By Its Antenna.

It’s really that simple. Doing this can affect the transmission over time. If you notice that the antenna is damaged – replace it. It’s a simple, cost effective solution, and keeps you in touch with your team.

Secure It

Making sure your radio is secure by a clip or case on your belt or person prevent drops and bangs of your equipment. Sure, two way radios are durable, but the less drops they endure, the better.

PRO tip:

If your team is prone to dropping their two-way radios, buy a speaker mic for communication. If the radio falls of your belt, the cord from the speaker mic will prevent it from hitting the ground – protecting your radio as a result.

Don’t Overcharge

It’s important not to leave your radio on a charger for an extended period of time (more than a few days). This can impact the battery, resulting in its efficiency dwindling overtime. Yes, it’s okay to do so over a weekend for example, but any longer, take it off.

It’s Not a Tool

I know this may be an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many times we come across this kind of abuse.

Don’t use your radio as a hammer. Use it for what it’s intended for. Yes, these radios are built tough, and, yes, they can hold up to the bumps and bruises of your day, but it’s not a tool.

Just Speak Normally

Yelling into your two-way radio does not ensure you get your message across sooner, or clearer. If you hold it a few inches from your face, talking into it in a regular voice, clear communication with your team will be


Accessories help your team. It’s as simple as that. From speaker mics, earpieces and headsets, each can really make a difference in day-to-day conversation with your team, but the needs of your workplace are unique. We can easily help you determine what would work best for you, based on your requirements and what has worked for other similar industries and businesses.

Keep in mind – two way radios are built to be durable –We offer only quality manufacturers and these producers put these radios through many tests to ensure that when its users are doing everyday work, they can stand up. But, ensuring your team listens to these ‘don’ts’ can keep your radio in top shape for longer.

If you need any help with your two-way radio or walkie talkie needs in the Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale or Miami area, don’t hesitate to call us at EventTone Wireless at 855-396-5450.  We’re here to help.

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