Six steps that will make your corporate event a success

Events are about communication. They can be the most engaging way to experience a brand or a company and therefore be one of the most powerful communication tools you can have. But what makes an event successful? Is it the venue? The food? The entertainment? Well it is all of those things and more – … Read more

Important Benefits of Two Way Radios That You Should Learn About

A two-way radio is a wireless communication device that is used to transmit and receive information effortlessly. Portable two-way radios are known as walkie-talkies. Although there are smartphones, cellular phones and tablets to help you get connected, nothing comes even remotely close to such devices owing to the benefits that are brought to the table … Read more

Atlantic City Fighting to Come Back!

Atlantic City, in New Jersey, is currently undergoing a $100 million makeover in an effort to revitalize and spruce up the Boardwalk by focusing on entertainment attractions beyond gambling, according to The New York Times. The Atlantic City Alliance and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority are partnering up on DO AC, touted as the biggest marketing … Read more

Advantages 2 Way Radios Have Over Cell Phones In An Emergency

There are five distinct advantages a well-planned two-way radio system has over a traditional cellphone in an emergency. Instant communication Network independence All, Group, and Individual Call functionality Interoperation Capabilities  Emergency features built in the device Flexibility Let’s set up some real scenarios for comparing these two devices in real world situations, before we go … Read more

What is a 2 Way Radio and Why Are They Still So Useful

A two-way radio is basically a radio that is structured to transmit and receive. In general, most voice-wireless communications technology, counting cellular systems, are categorized by two-way radio definition. Usually, a two way radio refers to a radio system primarily utilized for group call communications. This two-way system is also called PAMR Public Access-Mobile Radio, PMR Private-Mobile … Read more

First Direct Connect push-to-talk, CDMA announced by Sprint And Wears Like Iron

Kyocera DuraCore and Kyocera Duramax is the first Direct Connect phones that allow you to use the beloved service on CDMA. We have experienced a few moments, when the push-to-talk has proved indispensable, as in the New York blackout in 2003, when Nextel subscribers talked freely with friends and relatives, in contrast to the rest … Read more