Advantages and Disadvantages of Two-way Radio versus Cellular – Two Way Radios In Las Vegas

Advances in two-way radio are providing better reliability, utility, lower overall costs, and features which could benefit industries where cellular currently dominates.  These radios can provide real solutions for Las Vegas companies. These developments support the value of two-way radio across many industries. In this post we will explore some of the specific advantages and … Read more

Two Way Radios in Primary and Acute Healthcare

Courtesy of Communication plays a crucial role in healthcare. Timely dissemination and sharing of information is critical for acute healthcare providers. Similarly, primary healthcare can be easily administered by using practical and handy communication channels. However, there are several factors that need to be taken into account before deciding upon an effective mode of communication … Read more

Police Radio Codes

If you’ve ever watched an episode of television or a film with someone communication over the radio with a string of numbers, you may have wondered what deal is with phrases similar to “10-4.” While 10-4 is arguably the most well-known of their lot, these code phrases are known as “ten-codes” or “ten-signals;” despite the … Read more