5 Hot Trends in Trade Shows

The way people visit and experience trade shows today has changed dramatically from just a year ago. It used to be all about giveaways, networking, finding out who’s speaking, and what parties are the best to attend. Trade shows have outgrown most of these areas, and event managers have tweaked them in ways that force … Read more

Buying 2 Way Radios for Your Employees

You already know that different departments within your business use their equipment very differently. A two-way radio that works great inside the office, or sitting and never exposed to the elements, may work very differently in the field, where equipment is exposed to much harder use and considerable wear and tear. That means that when … Read more

Two Way Radio Solution for Facilities, Manufacturing and Distribution Centers

Manufacturing, Warehouse, Storage and Distribution Centers When it comes to production or facilities operations, unexpected stops or downtown can severely damage efficiency and create enormous cost overruns. The best way to avoid these issues is with an effective communications solution. By connecting workers in real-time, the flow of information is quick, effective, and seamless. Workers … Read more

Winter Emergency Communications

Well, its becoming abundantly obvious that winter is on its way.  It’s only the middle of November and 3/4’s of the nation is already in a deep freeze.  Nothing brings back worse memories than those 2 words….”Polar Vortex.” With this kind of weather, communications systems are always in peril.  Both land lines and cell towers … Read more